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  • Mike Cagna

    I have nothing to add. I agree with everything Greg wrote. Probably means Jackson will finish well behind the other two!

  • Bryan Sweet

    As the only one to vote for the rookie to this point, I’ll weigh in. Evans goes to the best situation and may be in the best offense of the three. Garcon is a target hog and Reed out classes Jackson add a red zone threat. Decker is going to a TERRIBLE situation and will possibly finish well behind the other two. Evans has a threat on the opposite side and the best RB of the three. Plus, Lovie is trying to recreate the success he had in Chicago which made both wide outs fantasy stars. I likely won’t have any of the three on my teams, but in the Speed Bump competition, I’ll take Evans.

    • Alan Satterlee

      Nice – Nathan was just tweeting me how Evans shouldn’t even be in this poll!! I went Decker but I have a feeling once some pre-season highlights on Evans come in it might trigger me to roll the dice too. Maybe..

    • Jeff Streight

      Lovie wasn’t in chicago the last couple of years when they have had the two big wrs. He has never really had a great reciever while he was coaching.

  • Dan Dynasty Football

    Decker > Djax’s targets and receptions
    Decker => Evan’s redzone opportunities

    Decker all the way for me. There have been plenty of productive skill players with crappy QBs. Plus it could be Vick running the show in NY which would be an instant upgrade. So assuming Decker doesn’t go all “Riley the racist Cooper” on that relationship, they could be very good together. There’s also a good chance Gino improves. Decker is a great value this year and see him as a strong WR2 yet again. I can’t say the same about the other two this year.

  • Rob

    I think you’re selling Jeremy Kerley short. He’s been the Jets top option the past couple of years in an offense with absolutely nobody else. He now slides into the slot, and the Jets added a lot of offensive talent. I don’t think Decker puts up the most numbers of the three simply because of the QB situation, though. I’ll go with Jackson as well.