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  • Alan Satterlee

    So cool and thank you Sam – one person who votes in Speed Bump 18 will receive a complimentary copy of Sam’s book The Fantasy Football Guidebook, a $19.99 retail value and it is also available at his website, bookstores or at

  • Fantasy_Fball

    Sorry about any confusion-Ben Tate stands to lose his starting gig to the rookie Terrence West.
    I do like Terrence Williams WR DAL as a breakout player this year. I just gave it away in the wrong venue.

    • Alan Satterlee

      My bad Sam. I was supposed to fix that!! Just fixed.

  • Dan Dynasty Football

    Toby WAY out in front on this one and rightfully so. No reason the guy shouldn’t have a crack at 12-15 total TDs. Even with a 3.5-4.0 yard per carry average, he’s in line for 300+ rushing attempts. Just by opportunity along he is the clear favorite here. His fumbling issue / injury is the only things standing in his way from clearing taking this poll

    • jaysports

      Yep, CJ2K is the only real threat to Toby on this one. I think CJ is in for a good year and it will be close if both players are healthy for the whole season. I took Toby due to less competition for carries, the catches and TDs