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  • Alan Satterlee

    I am going to go with Rotozak here – sign me up for Eddie Lacy and the Packers offense. I think he can take this one.

  • Fsu Nole

    I saw another Alabama RB break the 1,000 yard mark only to fall flat on his face in the second year (Richardson anyone). Yes he was on the Browns, but he was MUCH different in his 2nd year and I’m speculating has a horrible work habit (probably also rely’s more on his talent), which is why the Browns traded him.

    Lacy needs more than 1 season to be included in the same sentence as Forte and AP. He has great potential, but I’m not drafting him in the first round after just 1 year of production, to many busts (Martin last year prior to him getting injured is another example).

  • Jeff Melbostad

    I’m going with Forte here. AP is far more beastly but in PPR Forte gets the nod I think.

  • E Zakrevsky

    Yeah this was a tough one for me, but I had to go with my rankings. I don’t think Forte or Peterson will do much better than last year, so with that said I think Lacy has the highest ceiling.

    • Alan Satterlee

      Hey welcome Rotozak!!

      • E Zakrevsky

        Thank you Thank you !! Excited to see how all my 30 picks will do now.

  • Dan Dynasty Football

    I can’t bet against AP.