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  • Dan Dynasty Football

    Great write up Kyle. I admit I have been softer on Spiller than others. There’s no denying the upside and the talent thats for sure. As you pointed out there are just some of us that don’t believe he can hold up to that kind of work load despite only missing 2 games (there have been multiple that he has missed significant time in as well). I think he has only missed those 2 b/c up until this year the Bills have used him sparingly working in Fjax and others. If Buffalo strictly leans on Spiller I believe he will crack and its just enough for me to avoid him. That said, I can’t argue with any argument here. Great stuff.

  • Jeff Melbostad

    Very strong take on Spiller. He’s a dead sexy player there is no doubt. I just think he has far more risk than other players in the same category. I like taking risks as much as the next guy (okay I don’t) but I think there are guys with just as much ceiling with a higher floor than Spiller.

    Still love the take and this is great information for the doubters like me. One must consider all possibilities!