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  • Bryan Sweet

    Paging Dr. Shiancoe, Dr. Visanthe Shianco please report to the Ravens STAT! In all seriousness, I agree with this assessment. Flacco drops to QB25 for me and essentially becomes worthless except in 2 QB leagues. I think you can expect a decline for Rice too as Smith and Dickson become the only viable downfield threats in the passing game. I’d drop him one or two spots, but still a RB1. Bump up Smith a little (mid WR2) and Dickson considerably (to a high TE2). Doss is depth at best right now, and that may be too generous.

    • Alan Satterlee

      Brutal day. How’s this for luck. In one dynasty league, I traded Pitta for Rueben Randle and Jeremy Maclin for Eric Decker. Pure luck. Bummer news on injuries.

  • Jennifer

    Bad news here. Was really projecting him to have a monster year and have
    acquired him in multiple leagues. He had a great opportunity coming
    this year and hope he gets the same next year when he’s back.

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