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  • Alan Satterlee

    Gordon just went in the 9th round of my favorite league HDL. I have to say a gulp went into the pit of my gut when it happened. He’s worth the gamble but it’s either a wasted pick or a ticket toward perhaps a title.

    I am drafting in the Dirty Dozen MFL 10 draft league….which I won last year. Anyway, I am snagging Gordon quite a bit there and I can’t believe how cheaply I have drafted him. We are almost 6 of 12 drafts done. In those six I have Gordon in three of them, getting him in the 14th, 16th and 19th rounds.

  • Jason LaFrance

    Thanks for the comment Alan. We’re all in a holding pattern waiting for an announcement and it’s basically a game of chicken. How long do you want to wait on Gordon with limited information?Certainly, people should wait as long as they possibly can. In leagues I am in, I’m scooping him up without reservation. This is especially true when in season moves are a big part of success. Basically I am looking at the format of the leagues I am drafting in and if I am wrong it’s next man up. I will know before the season begins and can cut bait and grab my highest guy off the waiver wire. So in a league with 8 starters (1QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE / not counting Def and K which are not impacted by this move), you end up starting your 9th round selection rather than your 5th/6th. I’d say to people, “Look at teams you’ve drafted. How comfortable would you be starting your 4th receiver?” Chances are it’s probably a guy like Colston, Terrence Williams, Eric Decker, DeAndre Hopkins. Honestly, even guys like Justin Hunter, Jordan Mathews, Bowe and Hartline could slide into his vacated spot. Not too shabby. But if this hits you could be rolling out one of the big 5 (Johnson,D. Thomas,Bryant, AJ Green, Marshall or Julio Jones) plus Gordon for your fantasy playoffs. A miss isn’t death but the upside is immense. It’s a calculated risk worth taking in my opinion.

    • Jason LaFrance

      ..and I’m just using the round 9 WR selection as an example. In actuality you’re probably getting the WR earlier and waiting a round on TE or QB. In either case there is little differentiation at those positions at the back end.

  • a0adio0

    Yeah I still like Gordon, even if he just plays a few games late in the year.

    • Jason LaFrance

      I agree. He’s a weekly difference maker and even 8 games is worth a flier. It’s not like you are taking a 0 the other weeks.