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  • Matt Lane

    Love Romo this year, so much value to be had at the bottom of a tier anyway but Romo at 12th QB is a real steal. I think Ryan can crack the top 5 this year, lots of weapons and he’s shown he has the talent with the numbers you cited. Stafford is the most iffy for me, up and down. However he throws the ball so much in games he’s bound to be a top 10 QB this year in fantasy.

  • Dan Dynasty Football

    Had to gamble on Stafford. Has Matt mentioned, even if the guy throws less (which I expect) he throws so much that you can start him as a top 10 QB and work him up from there. I think Stafford will improve this year. Last year was embarrassing for him accuracy and decision making-wise and with Bush as an outlet play-maker and Broyles wowing coaches all off-season I think Stafford is the guy that will come out on top.

  • Jeff Melbostad

    Call me a wimp but I went with Matt Ryan. He’s the safest play to be sure but he’s also got the best weapons.

    • Alan Satterlee

      I am in the same camp. I could see myself changing my mind here, but going safe with Ryan. I do like Stafford and his slinging ways a ton though.

  • Matthew Carter

    I have Stafford as my backup lol

    • Me

      Backing up who? You better be in a redraft league or your a moron.

      • Matthew Carter

        Drew brees. Does that fit? I am confident having won 3 titles.

        • Alan Satterlee

          Nice. Brees/Stafford is a pretty deadly combo. I had a similar situation in a dynasty league (except I was three studs deep with Colin Kaepernick). I traded Stafford for Alshon Jeffery and some rookie upgrades. It felt a little light I guess but wanted more young WRs and to shed a QB. I love Stafford though this year. He’s one of the prime picks (relative to his ADP).