Daily Fantasy Hockey

Daily Fantasy Hockey

In case you haven’t noticed. You can play in daily cash fantasy hockey matches at Fantasy Sports Live. The current buy ins start at $1 and go up to $33. You can play in point cap matches, salary cap matches, or no cap matches. Your team will include the following players.

* 1 Goalie
* 2 Defense Men
* 2 Left Wings
* 2 Right Wings
* 2 Centers

My friends who are really into fantasy hockey say the best strategy is to find a couple good players that you can pick up for cheap. Then you can use all the money you saved on buying the expensive guys who are sure to get you lots of points. Plus keep in mind if you pick a bad goalie you don’t have much of a chance to win. The below info on how points are scored at Fantasy Sports Live will show you the emphasis placed on the goalie.

+20 each win
+10 each shutout
+1 each save
-7 each goal against

Offensive Players:
+10 each goal
+7 each assist
+1 each shot on goal
+1 each minute in penalty box
+5 each plus stat
-5 each minus stat

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